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The Biofeedback System

Eductor is one of the best devices in the field of biofeedback systems that we use in Zaidan Clinic. The device works automatically which gives the results the credibility, just get the patient attached to the device via a harness around the head and 4 Electrodes attached to the limbs. The device itself is attached to the laptop. After getting the patient ready we start the computer and fill a form with the patient’s information. We then start the programme and leave the patient for 5 minutes so the device can register all information needed about the patient’s case. The device will advise the practitioner which therapies are most beneficial to the patient and then start working by sending all necessary therapies in vibrations. You can send all the needed medicines and vitamins to patients via electromagnetic frequencies. We use this device because it helps the patient to adjust her/his energy, chakras and endocrine glands and all hormones. This device can let your subconscious choose the right colour for you and enjoy the benefit of its energy. The device can give electro acupuncture and treat people if their bodies have chosen so. It can also help in making a very helpful Bach Flower combination which will deal with the emotional aspects of the patients and more. Please visit the link for more information

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