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The Organon of Medicine

Hahnemann put down his discovery and all the result of his experience and experiments in writing. He wrote about the goal of this method. He explained the principles of this theory and the way Homeopathy could be applied and how to make Homeopathic remedies. There are 6 different editions of this book. The book was developed according to Hahnemann findings during his journey with Homeopathy. The most known versions are: the fifth published before his death and the sixth which has been published a long time after his death, but the sixth was the one which included all aspects of his theory and he finished it in 1842 just one year before his death.  The book has been published in 1921. From the second Edition Hahnemann changed the name of his book into: “Organon of Medicine”.

Chronic Diseases and Materia Medica Pura

In 1828 Hahnemann wrote another very important book “The Chronic Disease”. In which he explained the Principles of Miasms and their relationships with chronic diseases. The second part of the book was Materia Medica Pura, where he documented the effect of all the remedies he tested and they were 67 remedies:

“ The Materia Medica Pura contained 67 remedies of which only 16 are minerals, 47 are plants, and 4 are animal remedies. Of the 48 anti miasmic remedies in The Chronic Diseases, 32 are minerals, 13 are plants, and 3 are animal remedies. Of 28 new remedies introduced by Hahnemann between the years 1828-1839 there are 23 minerals and 5 plants. This is because the mineral remedies are at the core of the treatment of inherited and acquired chronic miasms. Hahnemann introduced the study of the three kingdoms (mineral, plant and animal) to the homœopathic materia medica. This has become an important aspect of contemporary Homoeopathy.”

“Hering’s Preface to the Chronic Diseases (1845)”

In Zaidan Clinic we try our best to follow the Hahnemann's way of homeopathic practice and we have seen great results after we followed his principles.

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