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Eat Right for Your Blood Type

Homeopathy is a holistic, scientific therapy where a humanbeing is looked at as one unit. If one organ suffered this suffering will be echoed in the rest of the body. Life style and Nutrition are very important tools to help patients regain their health. 

At Zaidan Clinic we care about our patients. We have introduced a package where our patients can get the full treatment: physical, Emotional and Mental. We Educate and raise awareness of the important of the right food to our bodies.

We adopted this Diet because we believe it is the best and the most scientific and comprehensive as well. Our patients enjoy the luxury of choosing what they like from the list. Our condition is that their meals should be comprehensive. The list includes animal Proteins, vegetables, fruits, hot drinks, cold drinks, good dairy products, good vegetable juice and plant-based milk. Patients can make their own recipe following our general advice which help them to create simple and presentable dishes. We have seen very good results with people who follow this diet. Please read more about it.

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