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Meet Dr. Samira Zaidan (MHMA UK)

Homeopath & Biofeedback System Specialist

Zaidan Clinic is a small clinic based in Buckinghamshire, UK and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia run by Dr. Samira H Zaidan (Member of Homeopathic Medical Association UK), Certified Tai Chi instructor, and Vibrational Therapy Practitioner (using Eductor the most effective Biofeedback device). 


In our practice we use all that can help our patients to heal in a natural and holistic way. We are happy to adopt the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet and we have obtained very good results with patients who follow this diet while taking homeopathic remedies and Eductor Therapy. We made adjustments to the diet where we adopt Dr. Kathryn Marsden’s advice of separating carbohydrates from animal protein to help the digestive system function. We use the macrobiotic diet too, especially with cancer patients. We found that homeopathy is the safest therapy to help people regain their health alongside Bach Flower Remedies to help our clients get emotionally and mentally stronger without suffering. We use our Biofeedback Machine called ‘Eductor’, which is the latest update of Scio and QXCI and the most Internationally well-known Biofeedback Device for therapeutic uses.


Our Aim:

To help people get better physically, emotionally and mentally without harmful side effects. 


Our Message:

We are here to help, educate and raise awareness because we care.  

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Why Naturopathy

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a scientific, therapeutic medical system. Its main Philosophy is “Like cures Like” and was born in Germany more than two hundred years ago. Samuel Hahnemann is considered to be the father of Homeopathy. He was born in Germany 1755 and died in France 1843. He was a great Physician and learned Medicine at the best Universities in Vienna and Germany. He has been taught Medicine under supervision of the best Medical Doctors of his time. Hahnemann was a chemist and fluent at a few well- known languages as well. While he was practising Medicine, he noticed that the methods used at that time could not help the patients. Many patients suffered a lot or passed away because of the vicious methods followed by Medical Doctors of that time. Blood-letting, cauterizing, giving harsh drugs such as mercury to cure diseases, giving medicines that are made of so many organic harsh drugs in high doses these were the normal practice at that time.  After his little daughter died as a result of such harsh treatments he decided to stop working in this field and started to look for another job to support himself and his family. He started with the job he liked which was translating Medical Books into different languages.


Dr. Hahnemann discovered Homeopathy:

In 1790 While he was translating Dr. William Cullen’s A Treatise on the Materia Medicahe came cross Quinine or Cinchona, Peruvian Bark which is well known for its cure of Malaria. He stopped at the phrase where Dr. Cullen mentioned that Peruvian Bark or Quinine can cure Malaria because of it bitterness. Hahnemann did not agree for there are many other plants that have bitterness taste in them. So he started to try Peruvian bark on himself as a tea. He discovered that when he drank the tea of soaked Cinchona bark he had symptoms similar to Malaria. Feeling chilly with high temperature, trembling, sweating, diarrhoea etc. When he stopped taking it, the symptoms would follow in a short time. He tried different doses until he was sure that he was not imagining. He tried the bark on members of his family and on some friends and he got the same result. Then he started to try different plants and found the same result that: “the medicine that produces symptoms on a healthy person can cure an ill person with the same symptoms.” This way he rediscovered the theory of “Like Cures Like” which has been discovered a long time ago by Hippocrates when he said that there were two methods of curing a disease: to give the opposite or the similar drug. Both methods should be beneficial if the drug was natural. Hahnemann called his new discovery: Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a Greek word made of two parts: Homo and Pathos. Homo means: similar or like. Pathos means: disease. Hahnemann wrote so many articles and introduced about the effect of Homeopathy in curing diseases. Hahnemann was so confident that his theory was the best to help people to get cured of their diseases and he wrote his first book “Organon of Art of Healing” and got it published in 1810. Worldwide, over 200 million people use homeopathy on a regular basis for a wide range of health (physical, emotional and mental). Some of them are:


We use homeopathic medicines and diet programs to help treat IBS and other digestive problems.


We use a combination of the Biofeedback device, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies to treat fatigue issues.


We use selective homeopathic medicines to help detoxify your bodies from deep within.

Women's Health

We deal with many issues that women suffer from that range from menstrual problems, pregnancy issues, fibroids and diabetes.

Weight Loss

We use homeopathy and diet programs ( Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet) for weight loss.  All we need is your blood type.


We use homeopathy, the Biofeedback device and Bach flower remedies to help each patient relax and deal with stress. We also have Thai Chi classes!


"I cannot thank Dr. Samira enough for helping me deal with my high blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety with the amazing Biofeedback device and homeopathic remedies. It changed my life"

- Sara Al Amoudi, Saudi Arabia



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